Homes with Heritage

England is famous for old cottages and country estates, and many country houses have so much heritage that they are apart of local culture and even have a unique flavor among the residents. To truly experience Britain, it is necessary to see some of the houses and some of the local diversity that developed before the rise of mass media. Old houses are gorgeous to visit, and they make even more charming places to hold weddings.

Some of the owners of large estates attempt to make extra money by allowing weddings and receptions to be held on their properties. This can be a remarkable opportunity for a couple who desire to have a beautiful and historic place to exchange their vows. This country was built on tradition, and estate grounds speak of the wealth and prosperity that a successful and well-rooted family can achieve. Simply speak to a representative to take advantage of country house wedding venues.

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Exploring Some Grand Options

The desiring couple actually as quite a few options to choose from. Some country houses were built fairly recently, but they might still have charming gardens. Entrepreneurial owners understand the commercial value of an attractive public setting and deliberately arrange their lawns for photo opportunities. While a newer estate might not speak of the rich tradition of older houses, it can be beautiful and have grounds that are perfectly proportioned for a ceremony or reception.

Imagine a large lawn with a spacious central area as well as a gazebo in one corner and a sheltered picnic area in another. Since wedding rentals are big business, many people offering this service deliberately create structures to suit the needs of the guests and the couple. A sheltered picnic area can accommodate a reception in most weather, and a gazebo is one place to have photos taken. A good grounds has many photographic opportunity, and this is one reason many owners put effort into their property.

Knowing the Rules

A country estate does not have quite the same regimen of tradition as Buckingham Palace, but many traditional family homes have personal rules or traditions that visitors might be expected to follow. Old families have a personal tradition of which they might be quite proud. A family might have a particular way of performing a wedding or might have rules for respecting the interior of the house.

Always inquire about the rules of any private residence. Every homeowner is the lord of his or her castle, and their word is final even if the garden was rented for a day or two. Locals to the UK understand that their lords can be a bit conservative, although international couples might need to adjust to local customs. It always pays to ask many rules especially when interacting with old and proud families.

Rules and traditions are actually apart of the fun of having a wedding in England. Just as old churches have quite a few rules and a waiting list, manor grounds are in demand and often they are booked in prime season. After reserving in advance, it does pay to research local and personal customs. They can add to the experience by experiencing a native culture.